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About Sincore

Sincore Lighting manufactures high quality LED grow lights for grow tent, grow shelf and greenhouse. We make every effort to develop LED light items that satisfy your demands as well as high requirements. We provide personalized solutions according to the special demands of our customers.

Our LED lights are manufactured in our own factory, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality. SINCORE's design and development team with more than 10 years of experience can not only customize LED lights to suit your lighting project, but even sufficient R&D capabilities can help realize your LED lighting ideas.



Years R&D Experience


㎡ Plant area



Higher light utilization, less heat generation

The LED plant light developed by SINCORE can fully solve the corresponding problems for you. our LED plant light has an amazing of 2.8 µmol/W in PPFD and a 30% lower reduction than HID in heat generation. It can better protect your plants from damage .Perfect for home planting, planting factories.

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Higher light utilization, less heat generation
Control Costs And improve Your ROI

Control Costs And improve Your ROI

Sincore's indoor LED grow lights are rated to last over 50,000 hours while holding at least 90% of their original light output..And now, we provide you with a 5-year after-sales guarantee for free,You can rest assured to order.

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More favorable prices & better customization capabilities

Sincore has always regarded LED grow lights as our lifelong business. Over this years, we have made outstanding achievements in LED grow lighting, and we have more than 50 national patents. In Sincore, except our existing product styles, you can also customize LED plant lights according to your actual needs to make them more in line with your requirements. Moreover, as a source manufacturer in China, we not only have lower prices, but also better customization capabilities to grow your plant grow business.

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More favorable prices & better customization capabilities
Featured Products

For Cannbis Growth,Gardening and Hydroponics. All the grow light can be customized

Dimming power from 680W-800W with built-in led driver,make the lamps in uniform light distribution

> Easy to install, only three steps to complete the product assembly. > The holes at both ends of the lamp holder are convenient for using hooks or as fixing holes. > The reserved dimming holes, which can realize group dimming control by the controller.

UV/IR to replenish the plants photosynthesis which need ultraviolet ray to disinfect for the flowers stage

UV/IR module can be used in isolation, but we suggest you can use it with our grow light PGLE-N together. UV/IR can effectively kill the bacteria that is harmful to plants, the same time prevent the planting beads excessive growth, and improve the yield!

150w dimmable faster heat dissipation best indoor led 2021 dimmable reliable grow light for indoor plants

Waterproof design for better splash resistance. > Efficient customized spectrum and adjustable brightness functions provide ideal lighting for plants. > Easy and secure installation. > 10-100% dim makes it to take care of each plants growth stage.

LED Grow Light series

Sincore PGLE series

> 680W/720W/800W

> Dimming:10~100%

> PPF: 2400μmol/s

> LED PPE: 2.8 μmol/s/W(μmol/J)


Sincore PGL series

> Input Voltage: 90~305VAC

> Dimming:10~100%

> PPF: 435μmol/s

> LED PPE: 2.8 μmol/s/W(μmol/J)


Sincore PGLS series

> Input Voltage: 90~305VAC

> Dimming:10~100%

> PPF: 435μmol/s

> LED PPE: 2.8 μmol/s/W(μmol/J)


Sincore PGL050 series

> 30W

> Input Voltage: 100~305VAC

> PPF: 150μmol/s


Self-built Factory

More than 10,000 square meters of factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou, China

Design capability

Industry-exclusive detachable and plug-in design

Higher Revenue

Getting more revenue via SKD way.

Service Capability

7*24 hours service, all questions will be answered within 6 hours

More value and better experience

Foldable design

Small packaging

Custom spectrum

5 years warranty

1.Wattage of PGLE series LED Grow Light: 680w, 720w, 800w

2.Voltage 100-277V and 277-480V for options.

3.Isolation driver, safety and reliable, 0-10V dimming.

4.Intelligent control system, can reach Multi-light control. Realize group control and group adjustment.LCD display screen, friendly interface and convenient operation.

5.Bridgelux brand LED chips, durable and reliable.

We not only hope to bring you better products, but also hope to bring you more value and better experience

Detachable light stand

1.Foldable, convenient transportation, save the shipping cost

2.Unique circuit board design, remove the welding and wiring production procedures, increase the production capacity, also guarantee the reliability of the product.

3.Fire protection rating 94V0

Detachable light bar

1.The Light bar is available to disassemble, accessories can be shared, saving purchase cost, convenient maintenance.

2.Waterproof , dustproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion

3.Special hot-plugging design, high safety performance.

Detachable power supply

1.Tool-free installation. The driver can be directly fixed on the light bar

2.No driver version and with driver version for options.(Save Cost)

3.Voltage 100-277VC and 277-480V for options.

4.Intelligent group controller, LCD display screen, friendly interface and convenient operation.

Indoor growing & large gardening

1.Can be hung vertically,Can be used for racks and grow tents, and can be controlled in groups

2.Can be used for indoor planting as well as large horticultural planting

3.Single light bar can be replaced directly. Save the cost of purchasing new lights. Most of suppliers: when the light bar is not working, the only way to change a new whole light.

After our calculation,PGLE can bring you 30% additional profit


Use SKD cooperation to gain more profit margins

Sincore SKD cooperation solution is due to Sincore products itself and the self-confidence of our service capability, compared with other products from the marketplaces, PGLE series LED Grow lights have detachable design which other products are not available, and tools-free assembly support, and it’s efficiently save about 90% the cost of assembly (from one part to complete finished products only takes 1 minute), Depending on this unique advantage can bring you great value growth space.

According to the calculation of professional surveyors, the SKD cooperation method can increase your profit by at least 30%. At the same time, local assembly in the United States can also give you higher product trust...


Labor costs


Customs fees


Final benefit

Made in USA

More competitive

Features About Our Grow Light

Why they are so suitable for your plants growth business

PGL050-TLA30 LED Grow Plant Lights
Full spectrum integrated LED grow lamp for plants growing

1. Specially designed for flowering plant and other plants seeding clone growth.
2. Full-spectrum light and green light for options.
3. Suit for grow shelf, support splicing assembly

Suitable for hydroponics, seedling planting, seed germination...

PGLS LED Grow Plant Lamp Fixture
Specific for flowering plant growing

1. Adopt hollow light body structure, good ventilation
2. Customzied spectrum to satisfy the plant growth.
3. 0-10V dimming, the light intensity can be adjusted for different plant growth

Suitable for home planting, indoor potted plants...

PGLE Foldable LED Grow Plant Lights
Focus on plant growing

1.Compact small package design, save package space and shipping cost
2.Tool-free installatin, easy to assemble and save time.
3. Single light bar can be replaced directly, convenient maintenance. Save the cost of purchasing new lights.
4.The products are in stocks. It can be shipped in 1 days.

Suitable for large-scale gardening, plant growing factories...

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