Warranty Regulations
Warranty Regulations
Shenzhen Sincore Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd (short for Sincore)guarantee that all LED lights being sold are QC
passed and reach export standards for shipment. Under normal use, the lamp is verified to be the quality assured
by Sincore or any third-part testing authority, the warranty period of different products has different, please
refer to the specification of product for the specific warranty period.
Warranty items as follow:
1.We will offer exchange service within six months from the products Date Code, Sincore will offer free repair
service, technology service &components in the guaranty time;
2.Since the date from Seventh month to the ending of warranty time, Sincore will offer repair service freely, and
provide technology supports and components, only charging cost of components if customers want to replace it
by themselves;
3. Shipping freight caused by the warranty process will be paid by the shipper;
4.Sincore will only bear the responsibility between our directly contact customers;
5. Sincore will charge for the parts and shipping freight for maintenance service beyond guarantee time frame;
6.Lumen depreciation of chips or other issues happened related with the quality of lamp need to be returned to
our company checked and tested, and then Sincore will offer after-sales service solutions, we will repair or
replace after both manufacturing or component fault is confirmed;
7. The production date is subject to the Date Code on the products.
According to the following conditions, collect the feedback of the defective lamp and submit it
to us in time:
1. Taking a video about the defective lamp
2. Taking the picture about the defective lamp as clearly as possible
3. Taking the picture about the driver/power supply of the defective lamp as clearly as possible
4. Taking the picture about the bar code of the driver as clearly as possible
The following situations are not covered by warranty:
1. The products have been beyond warranty time
2. Damage caused by serviceman's disassembly, maintenance, refit without Sincores authorization.
3. Breakdown caused by substandard installation or operation without according to the specification
4. Breakdown caused by move, drop, water ingress, or scoring.
5. Damage caused by the irresistible force factor, such as fire, earthquake, thunder and lightning, etc..

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