Safety Instructions

-Unbox metal hanger kits, attach 4 small hooks to 4 holes on back side of the light.

-Connect with adjustable rope ratchets. Hang the light above the plants at appropriate height. Plug the power cord to the socket.


-The light can be returned or replaced within 30 days after delivery, in the precondition of non-artificial damage.

-90 days ALL FREE warranty. Free components, repairing and service can be provided within 3 months after delivery.

-3 years of free components can be provided.

-3 months -1 year: free components, buyers only have to pay one-way freight and repairing fees.

-1 year -3 years : Free components. Buyers bear the freight back and forth and repairing fees.

Please read the manual thoroughly before attempting to install or operate LED Grow Light and keep it for future reference.

Connect the light only to the power sources of the appropriate voltage using the plug received. Protect power cables from being pinched or damaged, especially where the power cable enters the power outlet and the unit.

If the provided plug does not fit your socket, please contact us for help by email immediately. Please do not replace the power cord or plug by yourself, otherwise we are not responsible for man-made damages.

The system should only be cleaned as directed in the manual. You should seek service by qualified service personnel if any of the following occur:

1.The power-supply cord or the plug has been damaged;

2.The unit has been exposed to rain;

3.The unit exhibits a marked change in performance;

4.The unit has been dropped, or its enclosure or chassis is damaged.

Please follow the instructions for use of the product. If you have any quality problems, please contact our sales consultant as soon as possible. We will contact you within one working day. Thank you for choosing sincore!