How to grow your plant very well?

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Growing Plants is super easy - it's called a "weed" for a reason - so don't worry if you haven't grown anything before. Our clear and easy-to-follow guides will help growers of all kinds, especially first-timers.


Growing Plants can be fun and rewarding, whether indoors or out, but it can also be challenging and requires a certain amount of patience, time, and money. We'll walk you through all the steps of growing, from preparation to seed germination, plant growth and harvesting, as well as best practices and how to troubleshoot common problems. 


Because the plant has long been illegal, much of the growing information has been passed down by word of mouth. There are so many myths and traditions about growing Plants that it can be difficult to pick out good, sound advice from hearsay. Plus, since it's illegal, there's a ton of information on indoor growing and how to make the most of a small space by maximizing your harvest and training your plants.


These are great resources, but not all growers are willing to put in a lot of time and effort to get a lot of Plants—some just want to have fun, grow a little, and smoke what they grow.


If you are growing hemp plants industrially, first of all, you need to have a very suitable site. As we all know, although hemp is not particularly picky about the growth environment, in order to obtain better results, we generally recommend that customers use an environment that is more suitable for hemp cultivation. This environment can only be based on the land required for natural Plants plants to grow.


You'll also need a suitable Plants grow light


Generally, there are 3 types of Plants grow lights, HID fluorescent lights, and LED grow lights. Here we usually recommend our customers to use LED grow lights for the following three reasons:


1.More cost-effective, LED planting lighting has many advantages, the first is more energy saving, usually in the lighting sector can effectively reduce the customer's planting costs.


2. Better lighting effect. Our Plants grow lights use a spectrum specially tailored for the growth of Plants, which fully meets the lighting requirements during the growth of Plants, which can effectively increase the yield of Plants seeds and help you obtain higher income.


3. Easier to maintain and lower heat. Compared with traditional HID lighting, because LEDs are composed of low-power lamp beads connected in series, they generate less heat than halogen lamps (HID). After testing, the difference is about 30-40%. This undoubtedly reduces the customer's investment in the heat dissipation cost of Plants cultivation. At the same time, our LED Plants grow lights use a detachable design, and a single light bar can be replaced if it is damaged, without the need to replace the entire lamp, which undoubtedly reduces the cost of customers.


Of course, there are still many requirements for the growth of Plants, such as air, temperature and so on. Here we focus on the lighting direction. If you want to get better planting effect, please contact us!

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