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Sincore Lighting is a professional manufacturer which is integrating R&D, production, sales and service of led grow light, the whole team members own more than 8 year old experience in led grow light and led Industrial Lighting manufacturing. We experienced the first 5 years when led grow lighting and led Industrial Lighting technology developed and improved really fast, meanwhile we have provided OEM service for more than 100 famous distributors all over the world, we're proud that many professional grow hobbyists are still satisfied with the performance of the lamps produced by us up to now.

Unique Advantage

High-quality logistics experience

Compact small package design save package space and shipping cost.Not sure where to start with your grow lighting project? Sincore’s lighting experts assist with everything from product selection to lighting layouts and installation advice.

Save inventory cost

The grow light without driver version, customer can buy the brand driver directly in local.(Advantages: No need to buy the driver from China supplier. Reduce the inventory pressure and cost of driver.And then purchase the corresponding drivers in local when project needed.)

low maintenance cost

Most of suppliers: when the light bar is not working the only way to change a new whole light. Ours: when the light bar is not working. our light bar can be replaced directly.Save the cost of purchasing new lights. And when our light update to hiaher PPE version. iust need to replace old light bar. No need to buy the new lights.

Manufacturer & customer service

We are China's leading manufacturer of indoor gardening and hydroponic lights, with more than 8 years of industry experience. All products are guaranteed to be direct from our factory. We have established extremely high quality standards to guarantee the highest quality products, and lights can be customized according to the different needs of customers.If you can contact us, professional engineers will serve you throughout the process.



All products are developed and sold by ourselves, so you can get our products at the best price.


Our plant grow lights are specifically designed to increase the production of Plants


We are the leading manufacturer of LED plant lights in China, and no Chinese company values your experience more than us.


We fully consider the customer's after-sales experience, and all products have warranty and usage guides, as well as after-sales customer service!


We have formulated extremely high quality control standards to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.


In addition to the products commonly used in the market, we can also tailor it for you to better increase your ROI


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