FAQ of LED Grow lights
Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

-All lights are helpful for plants, Because lights have the spectrum, and different spectrum has different effects for plants. So Sincore LED Grow lights is focusing on plants growing.

Why are grow lights red and blue?

-The spectrum of plant lights contain blue light, This blue light is helpful for the initial growth of plants. Red light can increase fruits crop yield.

Are grow lights better than sunlight?

-No, All grow lights are imitating sunlight, it cannot replace sunlight at all.

Why are some grow lights so cheap?

- Most of suppliers are mainly concerning on the price cost instead of the real application effect, durability and reliability, even the value brought by one piece grow light. Absolutely, Sincore factory is not such supplier, you can see our led grow lights and you will know clearly what we are much care. No matter the configuration, material, driver and working performance, all these quality you can see even not test.

How long should i leave grow lights on?

- For Sincore LED grow lights, 12-16hours

How to choose the best led grow light for indoor growing?

- Different grow lights aim at different plant growth, so you should choose the right spectrum to grow specific plants, What is your plant?.

What are the advantages of LED grow lights compared to other grow lights?

- LED grow light is more energy saving (at least saving 70%), better heat dissipation (the lifespan at least 50000hrs), and zero maintenance cost than other grow light.

What color LEDs work best in horticulture?

-White color, we don’t suggest you use LED grow lights for the horticulture lighting, we suggest you can use LED High bay lights.

How many plants can 1LED light grow?

-For Sincore LED grow lights, one piece 150W LED grow lights for one plant.

Can plant lights really increase plants production?

-Yes, absolutely, you can buy one sample 150W and have a try. Seeing is believing!

Which plant grow light is suitable for growing hemp?

- The grow light need contain blue light, green light, yellow light (seldom) and red light, this type of plant grow light is much suitable for growing hemp.

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