Order Process


Confirm with  customer for power, light efficiency, color temperture, color rendering  index, operation temperture or other  special  requiremennt

2.Dialux Simulation

Make sure the specifications and quantity of lamps and make DIALUX simulation according to customer requirements.

3.PI comfirmed

Sign the PI/contract with customer.

4.Productiion order placed

Arrange production order to production department.


Prepare material and arrange production

6.Delivery time confirmed

Confirm with customer about packing details and delivery information.


Assembling  lamps  according  to  SOP.Quality department inspected the lamps according to product qualification test standards.   The salesman checked again whether the product is consistent with the customer's needs 

8.Quality Check

Quality  department  inspected the finished product according  to  the  product qualification test standards.  Market  department  sent  the quality test  report  to  the  customer.


The finished product are placed in warehouse according to market department.  The salesman contacted the relevant personnel according to the customer clearance instructions and vessel booking information, preparing customs document and packing information, and then arrange delivery.

10.Customs Clearance

Once the cargo has landed in your country, you can let your shipping forwarder present the documents including the B/L (Bill of Lading), Commercial Invoice, and Packing List to clear customs, and pay the import tariff and other charges. Once the cargo clears customs, the shipping forwarder will arrange delivery to your warehouse.
-Normally we will Telex Release the B/L, so you only need t o present copies of the Commercial Invoice, Packing List,and Telex Released B/L to clear customs. -For orders sent via UPS/FedEx/DHL, they will clear customs for you, so you don’t need to present any documents.