UV/IR to replenish the plants photosynthesis which need ultraviolet ray to disinfect for the flowers stage

Item No.: UV/IR
UV/IR module can be used in isolation, but we suggest you can use it with our grow light PGLE-N together. UV/IR can effectively kill the bacteria that is harmful to plants, the same time prevent the planting beads excessive growth, and improve the yield!
-Open the package, take out the product,fix the led strip on the frames of PGLE OR PGLE-N through the extension-type neck ends of the product. -onnect the power-line(optional configuration) to the lamp and tighten it;
-Insert the plug into the socket.
Power 50W
Input Voltage 100-277VAC /  249-528V
Input Current 2.8A@277VAC
PF >0.95
Dimming (Optional) 0-10V / PWM
PPF 2400μmol/s
LED PPE 0.489 umol/j
Light angle 110°x115° Rectangular Beam
Height 10~30 inch
Operation Temp & Humidity -20~45℃, 20~95%RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity -20~85℃, 10~95%RH No condensation
Product L* W * H (mm) 1065*95*78
Carton L* W * H (mm) 1180*280*110
NW (kg) ?0.1 2.6
GW (kg) ?0.1 5.2

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low maintenance cost

Most of suppliers: when the light bar is not working the only way to change a new whole light. when the light bar is not working. our light bar can be replaced directly.Save the cost of purchasing new lights. And when our light update to higher PPE version. just need to replace old light bar. No need to buy the new lights.

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