How to choose indoor grow lights

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How to choose indoor plants grow lights

planting scientists once mentioned in authoritative reports that indoor grow lights have many benefits. In addition to reducing unnecessary losses due to weather, they can also help increase the production of plants, such as plants, and increase the production of plants. The quality of grow.

The main reasons for choosing plants grow lights are as follows:

1. It can improve the input-output ratio of growers
2. Higher efficiency than outdoor grow
3. The quality and quantity of the products will be more than those from outside
4. Very safe,it can reduce unnecessary grow risks

So, what types of lights are suitable for growing plants indoors, such as plants?

Usually, when we choose indoor grow lights, the basic condition is white light. Especially for plants growth, LED grow lights are highly recommended by growers. LEDs can not only enhance the chemical effects of organic compounds, but also allow growers to get better quality plants.

In addition to white light, do I need special light to grow indoors?

For this question, we need to make a corresponding analysis based on different plants. Taking plants as an example, plants is a plant that likes sunlight, so it is suitable for grow in a brighter environment. At the same time, when plants is blooming, it needs to be relatively dark. Lighting can have a better effect. But in general, adequate light is very critical during the growth cycle of plants.

(Sincore's customized spectrum graph)

Can any LED light be used as a plants grow light?

In fact, all lights can be used for plants lighting. However, because of the characteristics of plants, if we randomly choose a LED light to help the growth of plants, the output may not be maximized. We also recommend using customized spectrum LED grow lights.
Facts have proved that our LED plants grow lights are very suitable for plants growth. Whether you are grow in small batches or in large batches, we have the corresponding lighting solutions.

Can growing plants indoors save money?

Of course, in the long run, LED lighting is the most cost-saving way.
First of all, LED is very energy-efficient. Compared with HID lighting, LED lighting can save more than 70% of power consumption. If you are a large-scale grower, the difference is more obvious.
Secondly, LED heat is very small, which means that you can save relative investment in terms of ventilation.
Third, the lifespan of LED lamp beads is very long, and HID lighting is used as a comparison. LED lamps can be used for 50,000 hours, while HID can only be used for 10,000 hours, and the light decay is quite amazing!
Fourth, our LED plants grow lamp is a split design that can be disassembled, and the maintenance cost is lower. If one tube is broken, you only need to remove one tube and install another one. , Without the need to replace the entire LED grow light.

The above is some knowledge about indoor plants growth. If you have any needs in this area, or want to get professional answers, please feel free to contact us. Or you can see more plants lights from us!


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