Dimming power from 680W-800W with built-in led driver,make the lamps in uniform light distribution

Item No.: PGLE-N
> Easy to install, only three steps to complete the product assembly.
> The holes at both ends of the lamp holder are convenient for using hooks or as fixing holes.
> The reserved dimming holes, which can realize group dimming control by the controller.

Extend flowering & increase yield

As we all know, prolonging the flowering period is the most important thing for planting. A longer flowering period represents higher yields and better economic benefits. Therefore, our engineering team has developed an excellent overall solution to achieve it. Our products have a color rendering index of ≥85 and a red saturation of ≥60, surpassing most of their counterparts in the market and achieving real effective growth.

IP65 waterproof and detachable design

Under the premise of supporting IP65 waterproof, our products use a detachable structure and a thin and light foldable design that is unavailable in the industry at present. The light frame, light bar and power supply can be completely separated, which not only saves transportation but also simplifies your installation process.It makes the entire installation process simple, and also saves maintenance costs for your subsequent planting.

Semi Knock down transport service

1.Easily save 30% cost,90% labor cost through SKD .
2.All-round supports US local manufacturers get"Made In USA" qualification.
3.Accessories can be shared , the maintenance cost is extremely lo
Power 0-10V dimming from 100-800W
Input Voltage 100-277VAC /  249-528V
Input Current 2.8A@277VAC
PF >0.95
Dimming (Optional) 0-10V / PWM
PPF 2400μmol/s
LED PPE 3.0μmol/s/W(μmol/J)
Light angle 120 degree
Height 10~30 inch
Operation Temp & Humidity -20~45℃, 20~95%RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity -20~85℃, 10~95%RH No condensation
Product L* W * H (mm) 1127*1151*57.5
Carton L* W * H (mm) 1170*242*216
NW (kg) ?0.1 14
GW (kg) ?0.1 15

Some points you might focus on

High-quality logistics experience

Compact small package design save package space and shipping cost.

Save inventory cost

The grow light without driver version, you can buy the brand driver directly in local.(Advantages: No need to buy the driver from China supplier. Reduce the inventory pressure and cost of driver.And then purchase the corresponding drivers in local when project needed.)

low maintenance cost

Most of suppliers: when the light bar is not working the only way to change a new whole light. when the light bar is not working. our light bar can be replaced directly.Save the cost of purchasing new lights. And when our light update to higher PPE version. just need to replace old light bar. No need to buy the new lights.

Manufacturer & customer service

We are China's leading manufacturer of indoor gardening and hydroponic lights, with more than 8 years of industry experience. All products are guaranteed to be direct from our factory. We have established extremely high quality standards to guarantee the highest quality products, and lights can be customized according to the different needs of customers.contact us, professional engineers will serve you throughout the process.

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